Nikolai Demidenko website
  • 1 “ Nikolai Demidenko’s account of the Con­certo in E minor is search­ing and expan­sive, livening up with dan­cing light­ness in the krakowiak-infused finale. ”

    BBC Music Magazine

  • 2 “ There was more to this performance than barn­stor­ming bravura. He made this vast, hour­long piece a study in musical contrasts, and revealed the asto­nishing fecun­dity of Beetho­ven's ima­gina­tion… ”

    The Guardian

  • 3 “Rachmaninov's Third Piano Concerto demands high-voltage virtuosity, which it got from the Russian-born Nikolai Demi­denko. From the haunting opening bars – darkly poised and pulsa­ting – Demi­denko put the Con­certo's range of tone ahead of any super­ficial pia­nistic fire­works. ”

    The Independent

  • 4 “…he is informed by Chopin’s contemporary practice and resources and he adapts the modern instrument to reveal an internal world of subtle introspection and dazzling virtuosity with captivating precision. ”

    Belfast Telegraph

Photos by Mercedes Segovia

Welcome to my site !

Here you can find the relevant information about my profes­sional activities, as well as some articles, reviews and some related media. The com­plete list of my recor­dings as well as a con­certo reper­toire will give you an infor­mation you are loo­king for, pos­sibly answe­ring the ques­tions you might have.

For further profes­sional infor­mation you can con­tact my mana­ger Naomi Ives at the IMG Artists – her details are on the Contacts page. If you’ve got any questions to me please send a message through the contact form on this page.