Piano concertos listed here are the part of Nikolai Demidenko’s repertoire. Some of them have been recorded, please find more information in Discography section.




C.P.E. BACHConcerto in C minorH 441
J.S. BACHConcerto No 3 in D majorBWV 1054
J.S. BACHConcerto No 5 in F minorBWV 1056
BEETHOVENConcerto No 1 in C majorOp 15
BEETHOVENConcerto No 2 in B flat majorOp 19
BEETHOVENConcerto No 3 in C minorOp 37
BEETHOVENConcerto No 4 in G majorOp 58
BEETHOVENConcerto No 5 in E flat major “Emperor”Op 73
BRAHMSConcerto No 1 in D minorOp 15
BRAHMSConcerto No 2 in B flat majorOp 83
CHOPINAndante Spianato & Grande Polonaise BrillanteOp 22
CHOPINConcerto No 1 in E minorOp 11
CHOPINConcerto No 2 in F minorOp 21
CHOPINVariations in B flat on La ci darem la mano (from Mozart’s Don Giovanni)Op 2
FIELDConcerto No 3 in E flat majorH 32
GERSHWINRhapsody in Blue
GRIEGConcerto in A minorOp 16
HAYDNConcerto in D majorHobXVIII – 11
LISZTConcerto No 2 in A majorS125
MEDTNERConcerto No 2 in C minorOp 50
MEDTNERConcerto No 3 in E minorOp 60
MENDELSSOHNConcerto No 1 in G minorOp 25
MOZARTConcerto No 9 in E flat major “Jeunehomme”K271
MOZARTConcerto No 12 in A majorK414
MOZARTConcerto No 17 in G majorK453
MOZARTConcerto No 19 in F majorK459
MOZARTConcerto No 20 in D minorK466
MOZARTConcerto No 21 in C majorK467
MOZARTConcerto No 24 in C minorK491
MOZARTConcerto No 27 in B flat majorK595
PROKOFIEVConcerto No 1 in D flat majorOp 10
PROKOFIEVConcerto No 2 in G minorOp 16
PROKOFIEVConcerto No 3 in C majorOp 26
PROKOFIEVConcerto No 4 in B flat major (for the Left Hand)Op 53
PROKOFIEVConcerto No 5 in G minorOp 55
RACHMANINOVConcerto No 1 in F sharp minor (second edition)Op 1
RACHMANINOVConcerto No 2 in C minorOp 18
RACHMANINOVConcerto No 3 in D minorOp 30
RACHMANINOVConcerto No 4 in G minorOp 40
RACHMANINOVRhapsody on a Theme of PaganiniOp 43
RAVELConcerto in G major(1931)
SCHUMANNConcerto in A minorOp 54
SCRIABINConcerto in F sharp minorOp 20
SCRIABIN“Prometheus” Le poème du feu for piano, chorus and orchestraOp 60
SHOSTAKOVICHConcerto No 1 in C minor for piano, trumpet and stringsOp 35
SHOSTAKOVICHConcerto No 2 in F majorOp 102
TCHAIKOVSKYConcerto No 1 in B flat minorOp 23
WEBERConcerto No 1 in C majorJ98
WEBERConcerto No 2 in E flat majorJ155
WEBERKonzertstück in F minorJ282